About John Ribbler & Media Pro, Inc.

Writing is my core skill. I began my professional career as a daily newspaper reporter, then entered business filled with curiosity and ideas.

I advanced progressively as a publicist, event manager, account executive, advertising director and marketing vice president. My clients benefit from my broad capabilities and insistence on thoroughly understanding their businesses before proposing campaigns. 

My teams and I handle projects for companies of every size.


Reviving a Global Work Force

Away from the spotlight, we laid the foundation for transforming AIG’s fragmented, autocratic, fear driven culture to one of employee engagement and empowerment.

Reforming Health Care

In the 1990s, the State of Florida enabled Medicaid recipients to get better health care through specially licensed HMOs. Media Pro’s business development strategy helped our client become the leading provider, improving the scope and quality of care and reducing state spending by millions of dollars.

Coke’s Tradition of Fairness

In the aftermath of an embarrassing and costly discrimination suit, I drafted a white paper, the company’s official position. Rather than offer apologies and promises, my detailed historical perspective affirmed Coke’s legacy as a corporate civil rights leader. We enabled the company’s recognition by FORTUNE as a top employer of minorities.

World’s 1st Robotic Security Guard

Using Media Pro’s holistic, guerrilla strategy, interactive security entrepreneurs entrepreneurs launched the world’s first practical automated security guard. We nimbly challenged competitors with a rich sales pipeline mined from social networks, CRM, Internet databases and events. With our self-published Interactive Security Digest, we heralded a major shift in the way people protect themselves and their property.

Managing Diversity

Diversity management pioneer R. Roosevelt Thomas created a Fable About a Giraffe and an Elephant to help employees understand why friction is common between people with different backgrounds. I wrote and produced an animated film of the story that has been used by corporate trainers to help more than 2 million people broaden their perceptions about workplace dynamics.

Steering Bank Technology

At the turn of the century, three major banks — Chase, First Union and Wells Fargo — formed a joint venture to develop the technology needed to offer a bank-centric online billing and payment platform. When a new company was formed to bring the product to market, we developed the business plan which identified every issue critical to success, the many obstacles as well as the opportunities.

Pushing an Industry to Save Lives

We supported Banana Boat’s growth from a promising regional company to the category leader by trumpeting the risks of sun tanning and advocating skin care. We pioneered high SPF sunscreens, soothing lotions and other specialty formulas.

Retail Innovation

Shopping for jewelry became a not-so-guilty pleasure for thousands of Atlanta business people after we founded Adornments by Donna. Our mobile retail shows in major office buildings and corporate headquarters allowed to employees to save time and money shopping for personal fashions and gifts. We also donated 10% of revenues to each host’s charity of choice.

Helping Companies Launch & Adapt

We specialize in helping new companies and businesses adapting to change. Our clients — regardless of the industry — profit from our ability to find and focus on their most critical business issues. We help them understand and communicate their unique value in the marketplace. We produce adaptable, cost-effective business development campaigns using technology to enhance the power of personal relationships.

Pioneering Corporate Intranets

Intranets were in their infancy when a national mortgage broker needed to improve performance of 150 remote branches. I discovered a new, cost-effective SaaS intranet application, and deployed it as a feature-rich sales and marketing portal. By delivering information, business tools and other performance improving initiatives, the company tripled loan production within 10 months.

Inventing an International Championship

In my first public relations job, I helped Butch Buchholtz — pro tennis’ Don Quixote — start a new Grand Slam tournament. With a then-huge $1.5 million purse, yet barely the budget for one paid staffer, I managed an operation similar to that of Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.