Can the truth be told with facts that lie?


A ringside photo taken in 1980 at the “Brawl in Montreal” depicts Roberto Duran’s dominance, but that punch didn’t land.

Brawl in Montreal-1980

Challenger Roberto Duran swings dramatically while welterweight champion Ray Leonard covers up during their 1980 bout in Montreal.

When I first looked at the contact sheets of my photos from the 1980 World Welterweight Championship fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran, I knew that this picture captured the bout’s essence, which Don King hyped as the Brawl in Montreal and has since been recognized as the first Superfight of the 80s.  Through 15 rounds, Duran pursued and bullied the defending champion, who appears cowering in this photo.

But, even though the picture depicts the action truly, the powerful punch — which accounts greatly for the photo’s emphatic composition — actually missed Leonard entirely.  You can use facts that mislead to tell the truth.

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