Your business needs to bite a dog


To establish market leadership, business owners need to stand out from their competition. Biting a dog is a metaphor for that.

Man Bites Dog

This unnamed European man demonstrates how to grab attention by doing what few others would ever consider.

I started my professional career as a general assignment newspaper reporter. Like most non-business journalists, I had limited knowledge about how and why things get bought and sold. A recent college graduate with an English degree, I cared very little about the workings of commerce.

However, I have spent the last 20 years promoting and building companies. During all of that time, I continue to rely on the crusty newspaper editors’ age old maxim for estimating public interest in a story.

“What is newsworthy?” the editor asks and then answers. “Dog bites man. That’s not news.

“Man bites dog. That’s news.”

I tell companies to test their sales and marketing messages the same way. If say and do what everyone expects you to do, you’re the dog biting the mailman . . . a cliché.

If you detail what is truly unique and superior about how you deliver value to your customers, then you stand out from the crowd. You are a man who bites the dog.

I believe that every company is unique and does something a little differently and better than its competition. The problem is that most business leaders either do not make the effort to define and articulate it, or they are unwilling to be truly different from everyone else in their field.

Identity that unique value and use it to build your story.

It takes courage, but biting the dog feels great and delivers excellent results.

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