Donald Trump: Accessible, straitforward public relations genius


Donald Trump is masterful at using personal publicity to build his core businesses and expand a commercial empire..

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

10/18/2011 –In the two years since I first wrote this, Donald Trump has continued to stretch the value ratio of his personality versus everything he does.  In the past, he was a builder, casino operator, airline owner, sports entrepreneur, etc. who used his flamboyance to deliver revenues to those enterprises.  Today, Donald Trump is the enterprise. Spokespeople need not apply.

No matter what you think of his hair or his lifestyle, Donald Trump is a master of using personal publicity to build equityin his core businesses.  If it has not been done yet, a public relations graduate student should write a thesis on what he does, the way he does it, and the results he has gotten.  I advise every business owner with ambitions and love of limelight to study his career.

Like many artists, athletes and masters of a particular discipline, Trump’s reputation-building tactics appear driven by instinct.  He has always had big ideas and loves to talk about them.  But, his continued success in garnering attention and publicity is due to the credibility of his character, which he has maintained over decades through both failures and successes.

While he has always been an outrageous and outspoken promoter, he has never tried to manipulate the media. Unlike many corporations, he has never played the cat and mouse game of planning a “position” based on his assessment of how it would play with the media and public.  He has never hired a public relations company, and is accessible to journalists.

If you or your company want to attract publicity, be accessible, straightforward and honest.   You may not avoid criticism, and maybe even be ridiculed, but you will always be taken seriously.  That is one of the many public relations lessons to be learned from Donald Trump.