“Meeting Request” – you can’t keep it more simple, stupid!


The right Subject is essential to successful email marketing.

10/19/2011 — Every good attention-getting tactic gets less interesting the more it is used. Two years ago, I never got any simple “meeting request” e-mails. Now, I see them enough to know that the idea has become stale. Rather than delete the post, I am adding this not to show how prescient I (er, Ted) was.

Everyone who studies email marketing knows how critical it is to get the Subject line right. Consultants and pundits have written volumes (or gigabytes) about how to write an e-letter header — how long it should be, how it should look, what it should say. Missing the boat on any one element is the difference between response rate success or failure.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend Ted, who is a great salesman, but would not use a marketing plan for anything but a door stop. He told me about his latest email campaign which is drawing an outstanding 20% response rate in cold, uninvited deliveries.

“Meeting Request” is the header. A three-line summary of his product and its potential benefit is the content. I immediately did some informal research to see if any experts suggested keeping it as simple as Ted is. If they did, are keeping the secret to themselves.

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