Politicians and business consultants are so much alike


Employers of politicians (voters) and business consultants (executives) usually are unable to make them accountable to their promises.

The professional journeys of politicians and consultants are oddly similar. On the surface, the popularity dependent office seeker looks nothing like the richly credentialed expert sought by senior executives to dissect and improve the bottom line. But, they really perform the same dance to identical tunes.

They offer simple solutions to complex problems

When competing for a job, they boldly offer straightforward, often enticingly simple solutions to complicated problems. After besting their rivals and assuming responsibility for the situation they promised to tether and tame, only then do start offering detailed, nuanced explanations for why reaching their goals will require more and/or different resources than they originally suggested.

Before too long, various unanticipated forces impact the nature and importance of the problems they were hired to handle. In a few cases, circumstances work in their favor and the results deliver or exceed what was promised. Almost always, the truth is that the positive results had little to do with the adroitness of the mavens.

It’s easier to keep them even if they didn’t keep their promises

Generally. their strategic problem solving efforts evolve into an ever fluctuating series of tasks (maybe) related to the urgency that got them their jobs. Commonly, the original needs are supplanted in part or entirely by newer problems that the incumbents swear they can solve just as surely as the now-forgotten (or quietly festering) crisis they originally bragged about being able to subdue. To keep their jobs for a long time, they deftly explain why no one can better ride (if not steer) the institutional ball as it rolls forward.

Indeed, politicians and consultants keep their assignments as long as they can convince those who hired them (voters or executives) that they are relevant and useful. It rarely matters whether or not they fulfilled any of the promises they made along the way.

At some point, they all lose their credibility and new candidates (with more modern looks and shticks) dazzle the lost-for-answers constituents with dazzling oh-so-simple solutions to the old and new problems. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da!

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