Hey boss, answer yes to these questions or your marketing stinks


Executives and owners can know whether their marketing is dysfunctional by answering five questions.

Alpharetta Farmers Market

Even buy-fresh vendors can generate holistic, high performance marketing. This photo of my local Alpharetta Farmer’s Market was posted by AlpharettaMoms.org.

All companies market themselves, including those with no formal marketing activities.

Whether you just prepare a booth for the local farmer’s market or advertise on the Super Bowl, you are marketing your business. And, no matter what kind of company you lead – how you define success – your marketing is dysfunctional, unless you can answer yes to all of the following questions, your marketing is dysfunctional.

  • Does every principal and executive know how your employees, agents and other representatives are trained to describe the company?
  • Do you personally review all important documents shown to customers throughout the sales process? Does each piece compliment the other? Does every word and picture enhance the potential to produce profits?
  • Within the last week, have you candidly asked a few typical customers to talk about their experiences with your products and people?
  • Are you sure that everything you produce to communicate with people inside and outside of your organization is accurate and easy to understand?
  • Does everyone in your organization know the appropriate way to respond to any question a prospect or customer has anywhere, anytime?

Marketing is the holistic system you use to communicate with all of the people who determine your success and failure including customers, employees, vendors, regulators, investors, journalists, cab drivers, ticket agents, competitors, neighbors, etc.

If you can always answer yes to those five questions, you have mastered the art of marketing.

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