Ribby Award Announcement: Monthly Recognition for Chief Executive or Business Owner in the Trenches


In 2009, during the darkest months of the Great Recession, the Ribby Award recognized courageous CEOs who joined their employees in the trenches.

10/20/2011 — Although many continue to struggle as the Great Recession wears on, in early 2009 no one knew how many U.S. businesses would fail and workers would lose their jobs. Too many CEOs either helped cause the problems or took an easy escape route, when hard times arrived. That’s when I announced the Ribby Award as described below.”

On March 17, Ribblog will begin a monthly recognition of a chief executive or business owner who steps out of the executive suite, away from armies of assistants and sycophants, to personally market, sell and promote. Successful leaders always know what it is like for their employees in the trenches. In challenging times, employees need their boss in the trenches with them. The Ribby will showcase those who are getting their hands dirty. Please send suggestions or nominations to jribbler@media-proinc.com.

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