The illusion of low hanging fruit


For new companies, the ease of finding and satisfying early customers does not accurately predict long-term success.

Giraffes do not need low hanging fruit

The giraffe's long neck guarantees survival after the low-hanging fruit is gone.

People entering careers in sales, as well as those starting businesses (this especially includes those getting into network/MLM marketing) need to avoid being blinded by the promise of low hanging fruit.

When any venture begins, the customers right in front of you — often urging you to serve them — are catalysts, giving you much-needed confidence and income. But, they do not gauge your ability to succeed and thrive over time. In business as in nature, the winners are those able to become giraffes, stretching and straining to grow long necks when the low hanging fruit is gone. They are the ones who make the most out of a market-value tree, especially when the harvesting becomes difficult.

To do this, sales people and business people must expect the demise of low hanging fruit and create scenarios that predict the time needed to grow long necks.

COMING SOON: The flip side to this for big business dinosaurs: When Low Hanging Fruit Just Isn’t Good Enough

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