Your story is more important than your strategy


Employees of large organizations — at every level — must be able explain everything about their company as an easily understood narrative.

Companies should care more about the stories they tell than the strategies they engineer, if they are serious about building and sustaining relationships with their customers.

People connect with companies, products and services when their stories intertwine.

“Carlos awoke. He had many things to do but felt a terrible pain in his head. His wife told him that Headache-B-Gone would solve his problem. He took two tablets and his day went happily ever after.”

However, most business storytellers (salespeople, marketers and publicists) have trouble keeping the story simple. They need to stay focused on key values despite the size or complexity of an organization and its problems. Everyone forgets the story, when a company’s officers, executives and managers spend most of their time handling compartmentalized issues such as human resources, supply chain, IT, facilities, marketing, CRM, finance, etc. That’s when needing major strategies becomes more important than the story of what you do.

In the end, unless Carlos’ wife knows that Headache-B-Gone will make Carlos have a happy day and it works when he follows her advice, nothing else matters.

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Jared June 30, 2009, 12:11 pm

Shouldn’t the story come from a strategy? If it is all about the story you want to tell isn’t there a risk in telling a different story when it suits your needs?

Shouldn’t there be a sound strategy that messaging is then built around?